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The Courtney Hadwin Superfans is primarily run by a small group of us fans who follow Courtney closely as she continues her musical journey and enters what will surely become a long and successful career as an artist while providing her fans with our latest discoveries and insights about her.

The Courtney Hadwin Superfan team are fact-based fans who will not post comments based on unfounded rumors or speculation, but we will surely engage share our opinions and thoughts on the latest events and happenings. We have all the respect in the world for Courtney, and any content posted to this website is strictly for promotional, educational, and/or informational purposes.


Once upon a time, the term “Superfan” was nearly taboo. It was one of those labels no one wanted because society associated the term with fans whose obsessions went too far on the unhealthy side. Now, I couldn’t care less what people think but I find it interesting that record companies, independent artists, even magicians, and comedians and everyone in the entertainment industry all look for whatever that special recipe is that makes superfans. 

When you “like” someone as an artist, it means you enjoy listening or watching them whenever the opportunity presents itself. When you become a “fan” of an artist, you may buy their album, attend a local show or even buy a little merchandise. You may even occasionally stop by their website or social media page to see what’s happening. When you become a “superfan” you spend your time doing photo edits or posting and re-posting in fan groups while tagging others in the way of promoting them. When you are a “superfan” you are never faced with a decision on whether you will buy their album, merchandise or even a ticket to a live show, instead, your only question is how soon can I get my hands on it! When you’re a “superfan” you naturally feel that urge to share their content, just as you’d get an urge to eat something when you’re hungry. Okay, Okay… you get the point! 

Free Courtney Hadwin 2020 Calendar

By the way, I decided to make my own Courtney Hadwin 2020 Calendar using some of her Instagram photos and a few edits I did and never published. I created this *US* calendar for 2020 with a few key Courtney dates included, like her birthday. I sent it over to a printer and had them print me up a few copies which I gave to a few friends and family. 

I wasn’t going to publish it because it was really only for my own personal use. Though, I figured I would post it here in case any of you guys would like to download the file which you can send it to a place that can make calendar prints. I had mine printed for about $25 USD each, and that is using premium binding and paper. You can get one printed for as little as $10 though at a local print shop. Of course, If you have Photoshop, you can replace the slides if you want different photos! 


We wanted to make a general statement to everyone who takes part in running fan clubs, whether that be on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any other social media platform.

We find it unfortunate so many people find Courtney fandom as some competition of sorts which puts into question the authenticity of their support for Courtney and whether there is perhaps a more self-serving purpose behind what they do. We don’t see Courtney Fandom as a competition. All the Courtney Hadwin fan pages created by people across social media go to support Courtney, and that is our bottom line and primary mission.

The two exceptions to this are the pages and accounts that attempt to impersonate “official” Courtney accounts. Celebrity Impersonators can be toxic to their fan base, not to mention misleading their fans under such guise is just morally wrong. It violates not only the terms of service on all major social media platforms but in most cases, it’s also illegal. We do not promote or engage with fan clubs who permit the distribution of her official music releases via audio file downloads or who otherwise post full videos containing her music from unofficial sources, better known as music piracy.

The bottom line is, I can appreciate everyone who put their effort and time in supporting and sharing Courtney and we can never hold that against you. So whether you are an admin on Facebook or the proud owner of an Instagram fan page supporting Courtney, you are welcome here whether that be as a visitor or a contributor so long as you respect the rules of our fan group.


Many of the following questions outlined below came from a collection of messages that were sent to the original superfans website. Unfortunately, we could not respond to many of those messages because of many technical issues, but we wanted to be sure to answer them here.

"Why are there two websites, and"

The short answer to that is, the website will be “forwarded” to this website soon.

The longer and more specific answer is, we originally created the Superfans website using WIX, which is supposed to be an “easy” website builder. I now know that was a mistake because there are so many limitations and restrictions that just made some things we wanted to offer nearly impossible. Not only did we want to build a site that could host and preserve all of the Courtney Hadwin content we’ve curated over time, but we also wanted to offer Courtney fans, potential Courtney fans, and all site visitors something of value by coming here.

"Do you [us] profit from the group, whether that be from YouTube or Facebook, or this website?"

No. I have ever only known one such person to consistently inquire about this to me directly via email and comment bombardments, so let me just clear that up for him and anyone else wondering about it. 

We are not doing this in hopes to profit from it. I do this because I believe Courtney has serious potential to become an artist who will become a legend, just like the legends who inspired her today. In fact, that’s exactly why I started drafting her Wikipedia article long before she announced being signed to a record deal with Syco (Sony Music) and Artist Records. 

No one on the Superfan team profits from ANYTHING we do on any of our social media accounts, whether they are officially connected to this group or otherwise. We are just superfans doing what superfans do, and I don’t mind spending my hard-earned money or investing my own personal time promoting and supporting Courtney. She’s worth it. 

"What do I get out of becoming a member of this group? "

I asked the question “What was most important to you in a fan group” and it seems the consensus was that you all wanted to get more frequent updates on what’s happening with Courtney and her album. Then I assume it will be tour schedules and side gigs.

We continue working to further develop relationships with the professionals working behind the scenes and others who are intimately involved with Courtney, but we respect the fact there is a strategic time and place for providing certain updates or information, but I can assure you whatever major announcements are made will be done by Courtney or her management team.

Moving forward, we will publish whatever credible information we get that we know for certain can be made public. I will leave it at that for now.

"Do you pay for contributors or content?"

Everyone who is a Superfan contributor is strictly voluntary. The only exceptions of course will be anyone we pay for third-party services to license photographs or other multimedia content here. If you’re interested in learning more, send us a message and let us know what you have in mind. Also, we may buy a license for exclusive right to use content for non-commercial use or content with explicit rights. If you have something you’d like to contribute, feel free to contact us.


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