Courtney Ann Hadwin

Courtney Ann Hadwin is a 15-year old British singer-songwriter who first became known for competing on the first season [heat] of ITV‘s The Voice Kids UK 2017 and the thirteenth season of the NBC competition show, America’s Got Talent in 2018. It was her America’s Got Talent audition of Ottis Redding’s ‘Hard to Handle’ that earned her a gold buzzer from judge Howie Mandel, and sent her video viral with more than 100 million views in the first few days of the show airing.    

It was the end of her second America’s Got Talent performance of “Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag” that judge Simon Cowell walked over and gave Howie Mandel a hug for his golden buzzer pick.  It was that moment that many of us believe he knew he would to find a way to work with a record deal, regardless if she had won or not. 


So of course that’s exactly what happened. Despite not winning the competition which shocked the nation, she had absolutely massive achievements making it into the top 10 of finals for the biggest talent show in the entire world, America’s Got Talent [2018]. Following another absolutely phenomenal performance on stage with the struts just before announcing the season’s winner, Courtney appeared on the red carpet as they did exit interviews. It was during one of those interviews with an Access Online host that Courtney learned she would be performing in Las Vegas with the America’s Got Talent Live Tour, and her reaction is priceless. If you have not seen it, you can watch it here!

Courtney Hadwin Signs Record Deal with Sony Music and Arista Records

Courtney Hadwin Signs Record Deal with Sony Music and Arista Records

On December 17th, 2018, Courtney posted on Instagram: "So excited to finally say that I have signed a record deal with @syco and @aristarecords thank you so much this wouldn't be possible without all your support #dreamsdocometrue now let's make music xx"

So it was America’s Got Talent Live Tour shows in Las Vegas where most fans would hear Courtney perform her first original song, “Pretty Little Thing”. It was also be the song she performed during the taping for her appearance on America’s Got Talent Champions which aired January 14th, 2019. 

Now I say it was her first original song she performed live, but that doesn’t mean it is the first original song she ever recorded and certainly isn’t her last. Nope, she recorded an original song with singer-songwriter Marie Marx before appearing on The Voice Kids UK, but that song was never released.   

Since her record contract became official, Courtney was a guest performer for the Struts during one of their shows in England and even joined Stevie Van Zandt during one of his shows in Newcastle.  She is currently being home-schooled which I am sure affords her a little more flexibility in being able to travel back and forth between London and Sweden as she continues to write and record for her upcoming album. Like everyone else, I am excited to hear what she has worked up, especially with her friends in Sweden, superstar singer-songwriter Miss Li, and songwriter/producer Sonny Boy Gustafsson.

During her trips to London, she recorded four cover songs, which were recorded by Sony Music and published under VEVO on her YouTube channel. They were also released to all major music streaming platforms under an album called “Cover Sessions”. 

I am sure Courtney is eager to officially put these talent shows behind her and move ahead to become known for her own original music. She is a beautiful girl armed with a phenomenal voice, a great sense of style and stage presence combined with a unique sense of individuality. When I say she she is a beautiful girl, I don’t just mean her physical appearance. I mean, she is the kind of beautiful that you can only be when you are truly and genuinely being yourself and not just putting on a face for the sake of blending into what society says is, or should be, normal or otherwise acceptable. She goes out on that stage and just does whatever she feels and does it in such a natural and genuine way that it sucks her audience into feeling the music with her.  

There is just no question she is going to have a fantastic journey through her music career! 

FAQ - Common Questions and Answers

Common Questions and Answers

blank How old is Courtney Hadwin?

Courtney Hadwin was born on the 6th of July 2004 and is currently 15-years-old.

blank Does Courtney Hadwin Have Siblings?

Courtney has two younger siblings. Her sister Melissa and brother Paul.

blank Where is Courtney Hadwin from?

Courtney Hadwin is from Hartlepool which is a town in County Durham, England. The town lies on the North Sea coast, 17 miles (27 km) south of Sunderland. It has an estimated population of 93,000 residences.

blank Does Courtney Hadwin have a dog?

Courtney Hadwin has a little Yorkie Terrier named Teddy. blank

blank Who is Courtney Hadwin Signed with?

Courtney Hadwin signed a long-term record contract with Syco (Sony Music UK) and Arista Records in December of 2018.

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