Courtney Hadwin – Superfans Subtitles and Translations

Courtney Hadwin YouTube with Subtitles

In an 2019 interview with Sony Music’s Jose Abreu who specializes in digital media and entertainment marketing strategies said, “content around an artist and their music has a vital role to play in turning casual listeners into superfans. It’s no longer enough to just put out a single, put out a music video, an album. What other content do we build around an artist so that fans get to know, understand, love and connect more?” he said. “You can’t just do it by putting out tracks.”

Courtney’s Pending Album Release

Courtney Hadwin London Studio

With the International outbreak of the Corvid-19 virus, there is little question that it will impact Courtney’s schedule, whether it be writing, a recording, or an album release date or even a future scheduled event somewhere in the world. With so much up in the air on how this virus outbreak will play out in the coming months, we can’t possibly expect things to move any quicker on an album release, even though Courtney has continued to work on music in the studio for her album.

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