Rockstar Courtney Hadwin Continues Working On Her Album Release for Fans

Our very own Rockstar Courtney Hadwin remains working hard, writing and recording music for her album, but it remains unclear on how the Corvid-19 virus outbreak will impact her album's completion and it's release date.

Courtney Hadwin London Studio

With the International outbreak of the Corvid-19 virus, there is little question that it will impact Courtney’s schedule, whether it be writing, a recording, or an album release date or even a future scheduled event somewhere in the world. With so much up in the air on how this virus outbreak will play out in the coming months, we can’t possibly expect things to move any quicker on an album release, even though Courtney has continued to work on music in the studio for her album.

Now Courtney could follow suit with some other major artists who’ve had to cancel or postpone shows and events, telling their fans they would release some online content or stream some lives shows to keep their fans engaged, as they hunker down while the world tries to recover from this tragic Corvid-19 virus. However, unlike many of those artists, Courtney is actually still in the studio working on her album, so it’s not like she’s just waiting around for something to happen, but it still wouldn’t surprise me if she suddenly appeared on Instagram live or a new cover pops up during this time of wait. Who really knows. anything is possible, right?   

We know Courtney is still in London as of the writing of this article and has continued working hard to produce music for her album that’s authentic to who she is as an artist, and something she is proud of, once it’s released. I think Courtney’s first album will be a huge representation of what fans can expect from her as an artist, and I am sure she just wants to get it right! I mean, let’s be honest, a lot is riding on her first album and all of us dedicated fans will do whatever we can to help make sure it’s as successful as possible. So let’s not question the decisions surrounding a release date, or second, guess why this or that has not happened yet. Instead, let’s all just enjoy living with the excitement in knowing we’ll be able to listen to some of her new music soon! 

I can’t imagine how much pressure this rock star teen is under, to produce authentic music that not only represents who she is as an artist but also not knowing exactly how her fans will react to what she creates, including the dedicated fans who have followed her journey through the process of her first original album. Although we are certain we will all love what she comes out with, our support for her is genuine and can never be deluded. Besides, she has worked around some phenomenal artists and producers between London and Sweden – it will be FIRE! 

To be honest, I am not sure exactly what it is about Courtney that sucked me, personally, into her world so deeply. 

Yes, we all know she has a phenomenal voice!

No question Courtney can command the stage like any seasoned artist that’s ever stepped on one.

Courtney has a great personality, some of the best facial expressions, and remains authentic and humble!

These things are great and are the many reasons I love her, but I think for me personally, a big part of what draws me into her is that Courtney is a genuinely beautiful person! I am not just talking about her being physically beautiful, but the kind of beautiful you can only truly exhibit when you are being genuinely authentic and not trying to be someone you are not in order to be socially acceptable. That is a rare quality to have, especially when you are trying to make it as a musician! That very quality makes Courtney truly shine whenever she performs!    

It seems like Courtney has been judged nearly all her life, both on and off the stage. It has not always been a good ride for her either. I am so happy that she’s been strong enough to keep being herself despite what all the haters think. Had she given up and gone into hiding because of what her haters had to say, the world would be robbed of a massive opportunity to hear a phenomenal new artist. Let that be an inspiration to all the other young kids out there who may have a tough start and keeping believing in yourself. That’s important! Follow Courtney and don’t allow the haters to define your future! 

Increasing Social Status!

The importance of staying engaged with Courtney across all social media platforms!

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The best thing we can do now for Courtney as fans, is making sure you continue engaging with her posts by commenting, liking and of course sharing them wherever you can and with whoever you can. Open sensible dialog with other fans on social media and try to be kind to one another. One thing I see a lot, are the number of fans who dislike other fans on social media. I can totally understand and accept not everyone is going to get along. GOD knows there are enough people who dislike me on social media, despite them not actually knowing anything about me personally. However, when it comes to supporting Courtney, keep in mind whichever fan(s) you happen to dislike and for whatever the reason you have for disliking them - they also support Courtney! So I think everyone should just continue supporting Courtney and try to ignore those you dislike. Let's all try to keep the energy around Courtney positive!

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In the meantime….

After finding this video stashed in my drafts from 2018, I enjoyed it enough that I wanted to share it with you all.

This video has many errors in the captions throughout the video. The video was created back in 2018 as a draft, and it was never actually made public.

Unfortunately, I deleted the source file because I intended to scrap this project, which has now made it impossible for me to go back and edit the grammar errors.

So the joy it brought me watching it back made me feel like it was worth updating, so I included 2019. 

Hope you all enjoy it as we all continue waiting for Courtney to release some new material. 

Exclusive Video of Courtney Hadwin's Journey 2018-2019

This video is hosted on our YouTube channel to ensure all the perspective copyright owners for the content clips used throughout this video are appropriately attributed and credited to them.   

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