The Power of Courtney Hadwin Doing Live Streams & How We Can Best Continue Supporting Her Going Forward

Pondering what the future holds for the music industry—an industry that has been ravaged by the corona virus crisis and what it means for new artists, like our very own Rockstar, Courtney Hadwin.

There is no question the music and live entertainment industry has been tremendously impacted by this horrible Covid-19 virus that has swept the world from nation to nation. Virtually every human on earth has been affected in one form or another. We can all forget about any potential of seeing Courtney Hadwin perform live this year or perhaps even in early to mid-2021, at least in America.

North America’s largest concert promoters AEG Presents and Live Nation have already officially cancelled, postponed or rescheduled many major music festivals and live events which were scheduled through August of 2020. Just today (May 1st 2020), Live Nation which owns Ticketmaster implemented revised policies on ticket refunds for those who have tickets to cancelled or postponed shows, which now allow ticket holders to request a full refund. I think they are very conservative on their “rescheduled” dates for many events because we still have no idea how this pandemic situation will play out.

Many experts believe they will continue to cancel or reschedule most all events through the end of the year and into early 2021. Because until a majority of the population becomes immune to COVID or a vaccine becomes available to help stop it’s spread, it is unlikely a mass gathering for any live entertainment will be permitted to take place anytime soon, at least in America. 

We are glad to see the good folks at Sony Music appear genuinely interested in keeping their employees, artists and songwriters safe during this pandemic, at all costs, saying:

“This unscheduled break from our routines is a valuable reminder to all of us to prioritize what matters most in life: the health and safety of us and our loved ones. I hope you will keep finding new ways to stay connected, stay well, and stay positive in the days and weeks ahead.”


I think one way the music industry is going to change as a result of COVID and the social distance restrictions many countries have implemented are the musicians who have found creative ways to continue doing what they do!

There is a growing number of musicians who have been making creative spaces in their homes to interact with fans, live stream Q&As, and even putting on virtual concerts and collaborations with other artists across social media. Artists and creators are finding new ways of connecting and getting their messages out to fans who have been eating it up!

Courtney Hadwin has done a few live streams since she’s been back from London, even guesting a few fans as well. Live streams are a whole new experience for Courtney because until recently, she hasn’t gone live since America’s Got Talent back in 2018. Interestingly enough, she comes across as being extremely comfortable with it, almost as if she’s been doing them all along. We couldn’t be happier for her and always love an opportunity to hear from her directly and be able to ask her questions. Live stream interactions hold tremendous power to connect with fans on a more personal level, and I think Courtney genuinely gets it. It’s a great way to turn an ordinary passive fan into a genuine superfan! Considering the predicament the world is in with COVID right now, Courtney can use all the Superfans she can get!

During one of her Q&A live streams on Instagram, Courtney tells us she has recently turned her loft into a studio workspace so she can continue writing and recording with the people she loves working with the most. That may be a good indication that she’s able to collaborate remotely with others, whether it be creatively or otherwise. By the way, the loft turned studio looks like a spectacular place to rock out and make music!

If you’ve been playing along with all her social media appearances, you will know that during her guest appearance on Howie Mandel’s live stream March 19th, Howie specifically asked her about a release date for her album. Courtney responded by saying it was hard to say because everything got pushed back due to the COVID outbreak but that she was still trying to get in studio time and they are trying to find ways to work around it. So that should give you some indication on the level of technology she must have incorporated into her home studio.

Still, the next 12 months will be extremely difficult for all artists, but especially tricky for NEW artists like Courtney who are still working on releasing their first full album. Even if she has a finished record, the problem is not with publishing it. The real issue is with promoting it and making sure it lands in the eyes and ears of the masses. Typically when an artist releases an album it is supported and promoted through TV appearances, radio interviews followed by a tour schedule, all of which require loads of advanced planning. No record company would consider the idea of pushing an album out for a new artist without having all the proper tools to promote it at their disposal.    

I think it’s worth mentioning here that one of the ways record companies promote music releases is through the mailing list for that artist – so be sure you are signed up to receive their notifications and announcements about Courtney Hadwin! You can sign-up on Sony Music UK if you have no already done so!  

So it would seem that artists will, at least for a short-time, depend mostly on music streams and online sales until the music and live entertainment industry can heat back up. Unfortunately, Spotify music streams have also been down as a result of people shifting their entertainment habits from listening to music to watching television or focused and working to stay afloat financially. That doesn’t mean a boost in music streaming is not on the horizon. Though, I do think record companies will need to come up with more  creative ways to help promote artists whether that be getting more artists together for virtual concerts or how they pull together more artist collaborations via social media as a way to introduce different fan bases.   

I think the only real alternative here is to play the “wait and see” game on how this all plays out because no one is a real fortune-teller. Though I am pretty sure it’s safe to say that no one likes this option and will certainly continue looking for ways to to be doing more.  

So what is the best way to continue supporting Courtney during this tragic period in our world's history?

Here are some of the best things you can do RIGHT NOW to continue supporting Courtney as we all wait for news on an album release date once this pandemic situation is under control.


Play her YouTube Videos and STREAM her music on Spotify, or any other platform your fancy the most. All streaming platforms, including YouTube, are all about “watch” time or “listen” time, meaning the longer you watch or listen to increases the chances of that content being automatically promoted to others on the platform. This includes her Cover sessions and Queens playlist, also available on Spotify! 


A song has to play for at least 30 seconds for it to register as an official “play,” and every “play” or stream helps to pay her, her labels, her publishers, etc. It will also help get Courtney placed on more playlists which will help get her more exposure.


Add her songs to your playlists (public and private). This registers behind the scenes in a way that is super helpful for her as an artist. Public playlists also will open the door to let others discover her music through your playlists.


Share, share and share some more! Don’t just listen to her on these platforms. Even if you share it with one person, that one person may share it with 50 others, and the ball starts rolling.


Engage with her on social media! Follow her official accounts, comment on her posts and click that like button! Each and every one of these engagements helps that particular social media platform identify content as being worthy of promoting!


Be sure your signed up to official mailing lists to ensure you get all the important notifications, which include album release notifcations and future tour schedule announcements. You can do this on the Sony Music UK site. You can also sign up to receive our group notifications as well, because we don’t miss a beat when it comes to Courtney Hadwin news! 

By The Way, Did You Know?

Courtney AND her sister Melissa are BOTH on TikTok??

While you may know Courtney Hadwin is on TikTok now, so I will take this opportunity to also mention Courtney’s sister, Melissa, is also on TikTok! Like Courtney, Melissa, is clearly full of personality! In one of them, Melissa is singing Freya Ridings, “Lost Without You” and the girl can sing too!! Who wouldn’t want to see both Courtney and Melissa do a duet together someday? How phenomenal would that be!? 

Not only does Courtney love making and sharing TikTok videos, but they give her additional exposure to a bigger teen audience!! Like everything else on social media, follows and engagements on TikTok are equally valuable to her! If you haven’t seen TikTok videos before, I will encourage you to do so as it will have you STUCK while offering you an entirely new way to spend some lockdown time! Though, I strongly urge you to start with @CournteyHawin @Melissakatehadwin1


Perhaps it will be YOUR share or YOUR comment that grabs the attention of someone like Mick Jagger and Rolling Stones. I mean really, who wouldn’t want to see Mick Jagger perform something with Courtney. That wouldn’t only be a dream come true for her, but many of us as well.

Do You Follow Courtney Hadwin on Spotify?

Not only can you find Courtney Hadwin’s Cover Sessions on Spotify, but she recently published a playlist she called ‘Queens’ which features some of her favourite songs from female artists who inspire her. There are currently 24 songs from 24 different female artists and we hope to see this playlist continue to expand. I don’t know about you, but I love knowing what is on Courtney’s playlist!

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