Courtney Hadwin Superfans To Help Break Language Barriers For International Fans On Social Media Video Content

Making Courtney's video content, such as live streams and Interviews, available with accurate subtitles in multiple languages is important to help International fans stay connected with her on every level.

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Courtney on Instagram Live 03.27.2020

There is no question Courtney Hadwin has a growing international fan base, which will continue to expand throughout her career. I’ve talked with many non-native English-speaking fans who express difficulty understanding a lot of what Courtney is saying during her video Interviews, live streams, and other non-singing social media content due to natural language barriers. Even some American’s have trouble understanding what she sometimes says because of that heavy North Eastern British Accent we all love so much! Text captions, photo captions, and articles can all be auto-translated on the Internet. However, when it comes to her social media video content, it can be an entirely different experience. 

YouTube can typically auto-generated subtitles (visual captions) for all videos uploaded if the channel hosting the video has the captions enabled. However, YouTube uses automated speech recognition technology to generate these visual subtitles. As a result, they are often inadequate in quality, out of sync, and mostly inaccurate to what Courtney is saying. These auto-generated translations are typically due to mispronounced words, heavy accents, and background noise. YouTube generated subtitles are only available in a single language, which is determined by the hosting channel.

Naturally, this is an opportunity where the Superfans group can add some value to Courtney fans by not just making her social media videos available to fans, via our YouTube channel, but to do so with correct subtitles. So we will have decided to start publishing her videos subtitles on her videos in various languages so everyone can understand and enjoy them.

Courtney Hadwin Superfans Group is More Than Just a "Fan Page"

The Courtney Hadwin Superfans group is more than just another fan page. The Superfans group intends to serve Courtney Hadwin well by providing fans with creative content, news, and other ways to keep everyone engaged in-between her music releases and show dates. The day we feel like our Superfans social media presence can no longer serve Courtney Hadwin well, or we can longer add value to fans while supporting her on a larger scale is the day we will shut it all down. We will then turn this into an archive site for documentary purposes and let her other fan pages continue doing what they do.

In an 2019 interview with Sony Music’s Jose Abreu who specializes in digital media and entertainment marketing strategies said, “content around an artist and their music has a vital role to play in turning casual listeners into superfans. It’s no longer enough to just put out a single, put out a music video, an album. What other content do we build around an artist so that fans get to know, understand, love and connect more?” he said. “You can’t just do it by putting out tracks.”

We know it’s ultimately up to Courtney and her team to produce official content, but it’s up to us fans on how we consume, engage and share that content across platforms! Consume, engage, produce, share, and repeat. That is what we do. That is our pledge as Superfans! 

Important Note: All official Courtney Hadwin news, press releases, and other major announcements will come from either Courtney Hadwin herself, her management, or record labels. Be sure you sign up to receive official newsletters directly from Sony Music UK  

Do You Follow Courtney Hadwin's on Spotify?

Courtney Hadwin's Official Artist Spotify Account Now Has New Playlist, composed by Courtney Herself!

Not only can you find Courtney Hadwin’s Cover Sessions on Spotify, but she recently published a playlist she called ‘Queens’ which features some of her favourite songs from female artists who inspire her. There are currently 24 songs from 24 different artists and we hope to see this playlist continue to expand. I don’t know about you, but I love knowing what is on Courtney’s playlist!

Courtney Hadwin Spotify Queens Playlist Artist Channel
Courtney Hadwin Official Artist Channel on Spotify

Click to View it and Follow Her Official Artist Channel on Spotify!  

Then come back and comment below and let us know which of the songs on her playlist is your favourite!!

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About Our Subtitles

Please keep in mind that we are doing our best at making subtitles available on all the videos we publish in different languages. Translating subtitles from English to other languages can be a time-consuming process because we first need to transcribe it correctly in English before passing it to the professional language translators we hire to produce the translated scripts.

Subtitled videos we produce are only available on the Courtney Hadwin Superfans YouTube Channel and any videos we publish directly to the Superfans Facebook page. 

How To Enable Video Subtitles

Simply look for the CC (Closed Caption) Symbol on the video screen. You can also change languages by choosing the Gear icon (Settings) and selecting your preferred language. If you don’t see your listed, let us know and if we find a demand for it we’ll be sure to get it added on all future videos!

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